Mountain Cur: Dog Breed Description

The Mountain Cur, also often referred to as the Pioneer Dog of the Southern Mountains, is a versatile breed with a rich history. This dog can act as a hunting, guard, guard or herding dog.


The Mountain Cur is a muscular and stocky dog. He is extremely fearless and hardy. This dog has large expressive eyes.


The Mountain Cur is an excellent hunting dog that can be used for hunting both small and large game. This breed is not suitable for homes with pets and / or children. Also, this dog does not get along well with unfamiliar dogs. Representatives of this breed are suspicious of strangers and jealously defend their family and its property.

Wool and care

The Mountain Cur has a double coat. The outer layer is short with a smooth or rough texture; the undercoat is soft, thin and dense. It is recommended that you periodically brush this dog’s coat to remove dead hair. The mountain hound should only be bathed when absolutely necessary, as it has very sensitive skin. When bathing, use a mild shampoo. The mountain hound has no genetic predisposition to any disease.


The Mountain Cur is an intelligent but naughty dog. She will obey only her immediate master. This breed requires early socialization and early obedience training. This dog should be trained strictly, but fairly, showing patience and perseverance, and also not applying harsh measures.


The Mountain Cur is not suitable for keeping in an urban environment, as it needs a lot of physical activity. This breed should live in a rural area where it has enough room for off-leash walks and where it can hunt or guard the herd.

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