New Guinea Singing Dog: Dog Breed Description

One of the oldest primitive dog breeds known today, the New Guinea Singing Dog, Aka New Guinea Highland dog is truly extremely primitive, and there is a lot of debate going on around it. Not all experts agree to recognize this breed as a truly domesticated animal. Unfortunately, it is believed that these dogs are practically extinct in the wild, and single specimens are preserved only in zoos or in the content of amateurs. Needless to say that the New Guinea Singing Dog is more than rare and it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to acquire it?


The New Guinea Singing Dog is extremely fox-like in appearance and is known for its unique vocal abilities. They are extremely agile dogs that can climb and jump like cats. The New Guinea Highland dog is a well-balanced, hardy, graceful and extremely agile breed.


The New Guinea Singing Dog is an extremely lively and curious breed, but, as a rule, it does not get too attached to a person and does not consider him a member of his pack. Therefore, these dogs are not suitable companions and should not be kept at home. This is a semi-wild dog, which is accustomed to hunting and foraging for itself. They must not be kept with children or other pets.

Wool and care

The New Guinea Singing Dog is dressed in two layers of fur. The outer layer is straight, short and slightly crunchy to the touch. The undercoat has a felt structure and is very dense. These dogs require daily brushing. Since the New Guinea Highland dog is naturally neat, no bathing is required. Since this breed is extremely rare, there is no evidence of inherent hereditary diseases.


The stubbornness and independence of the New Guinea Highland dog makes training extremely difficult. Early socialization is recommended, which should be done with respect, fairness, consistency and full understanding and knowledge of this primitive breed


The New Guinea Singing Dog is an active breed that requires constant mental stimulation; with a lack of attention, dogs of this breed can become extremely destructive. They are real escapees, so if you keep such a dog, you must make sure that the yard is not only well fenced, but also properly fortified.

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