Newfoundland: Dog Breed Description

Newfoundland dog has not yet been possible to determine exactly where this breed comes from, but everyone knows that these “gentle giants” are especially distinguished in terms of saving people on the water. Since it is an extremely massive and strong breed, they can be used for transporting goods, and they also follow the trail well.


The Newfoundland dog is a good-natured, elegant and brave dog breed that seems to be the true embodiment of dignity, which is especially evident in their noble and stately demeanor. This is a very loyal dog that makes an excellent companion. It is believed that Newfoundland is one of the most human-friendly breeds.


Newfoundland dog generously endows everyone with its love and affection. He is sociable and friendly towards the people he knows. She treats children very responsibly and caringly. Dogs of this breed get so used to their home and their family that they will never be able to adapt to new ones. Gets along well with other pets. Newfoundland dog desperately needs constant communication with a person. It is a friendly, affectionate, heroic and obedient dog. At the same time, Newfoundland is an excellent defender and is always ready to stand between members of his family and any danger that may threaten them.

Wool and care

Newfoundland has a double coat with good water repellency. The outer layer of the coat is rough, straight, oily, reaching medium length. Under it is a dense and soft undercoat. The color is usually black, but can also be black with blue highlights, black, white-spotted, bronze, brown, or gray. Newfoundland wool provides excellent protection against cold water and very cold climates. Molting is very intense and Newfoundland needs daily cleaning. The undercoat changes in autumn and spring and during this time, special attention should be paid to combing it. In order not to violate the natural protective properties of the coat, you can bathe your dog only in case of urgent need. It is best to use dry shampoo. Dysplasia of the hip joint, obesity and heart disease are characteristic of this breed.


Newfoundland dogs are not always easy to train, they are an extremely sensitive breed that should not be subject to harsh or arbitrary training methods. The best results can be achieved with calmness, patience, and an affectionate tone of voice. Early socialization and general training are recommended. The Newfoundland can serve as a working or guard dog.


Newfoundland moves extremely slowly and generally has a certain laziness. This dog plays with pleasure with children or the owner, makes long walks on a leash, and also swims in open reservoirs. The room behaves absolutely calmly. Newfoundland is perfect for keeping in a city apartment, provided that you devote a sufficient amount of time to studying with it. He will be happy to walk freely in a small fenced yard.

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