Norfolk Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Norfolk Terrier comes, as the name suggests, from England. They are attractive and robust dogs, one of the smallest Terriers in their respective group. The Norfolk Terrier is an affectionate, affectionate breed that is not distinguished by the usual stubbornness or aggressiveness. This little dog is closely related genetically to the Norwegian Terrier and differs from the latter in a markedly different shape of the ears.


The Norfolk Terrier is businesslike and curious. This is a hardy and compact dog, characterized by fearlessness, but not showing aggression. He carries himself with importance and self-confidence. Norfolk Terriers are sociable, devoted to the owner and sometimes it seems that they are in constant motion.


The Norfolk Terrier is always ready to play and loves children very much. It gets along well with other dogs and cats, but due to its hunting instincts, it can perceive smaller animals living in the house as prey. In some cases, may show jealousy. They are affectionate companions who love to be the center of attention of family members. The Norfolk Terrier can be nervous and at times stubborn. He is a tireless and hardworking worker, full of enthusiasm, he makes a good watchdog that always barks in order to warn you about the arrival of visitors and unusual sounds.

Wool and care

The Norfolk Terrier has a rather coarse, sharp, broken coat that resembles a wire and protects it well from bad weather. The outer layer is rather short and very close to the dog’s body, with a soft undercoat underneath. The color can be red, wheaten, black and tan. This dog does not shed, but needs daily brushing. Since this breed does not naturally change hair, the Norfolk Terrier needs professional trimming at least twice a year. This procedure allows the growth of new coat that protects the dog from the elements. Common diseases for this breed are genetically determined heart failure, eye problems, hip dysplasia and dislocated patella.


The Norfolk Terrier does not always quickly learn to keep the house clean, so it is advisable to keep it in a special box for the first time. As with any Terrier, the keys to successful parenting are firmness, fairness and consistency. The Norfolk Terrier is a fast and capable learner who strives to earn your praise. Norfolk Terriers are adept at learning and performing tricks, agility and obedience.


The Norfolk Terrier loves games and all kinds of adventures. He gladly walks with the owner on a leash, swims in the open water and accompanies you while jogging. But dogs of this breed are especially pleased with free walks and active games with family members in a fenced yard or any other safe enough place for this. You cannot keep a dog outside the house, in a kennel, this will ruin his character, which can become quite destructive. This breed is quite suitable for keeping in an apartment, provided that you provide it with sufficient opportunities for the necessary physical activity.

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