Norwegian Buhund: Dog Breed Description

This dog breed was bred in Norway and is one of the Spitz varieties. The Norwegian Buhund is a working dog that farmers used to perform quite a few duties: grazing livestock and reindeer, transporting sleds and, of course, hunting. By the way, in Norway to this day they continue to use dogs of this breed for work on farms. At the same time, outside this country, the Norwegian Sheepdog is successfully used in police work, guide dogs, bloodhounds, and, of course, as a family companion.


The Norwegian Buhund is a compact breed of dog, graceful build, medium size, agile and energetic. They are hardy dogs with considerable strength and keen sense.


The Norwegian Buhund is affectionate, affectionate, friendly dog, deeply devoted to his family. He does not tolerate loneliness very well, so you should not forget about him for long periods of time. Do not be surprised later that your dog barks endlessly, and its character deteriorated and became destructive. The Norwegian Buhund peacefully communicates with children and other dogs that grew up with him in the same house, but cannot get along with cats or smaller pets, since he perceives them as prey. Dogs of this breed are good at protecting their family and their territory, and therefore they make excellent watchdogs.

Wool and care

The Norwegian Buhund is dressed in a two-layer fur coat. The outer layer is smooth, tough, short and dense top coat, under which there is a dense, soft and fleecy undercoat. Longer strands decorating the dog are located on the chest, back of the legs, and around the neck. Molting at the Norwegian Sheepdog is seasonal and quite active. It is recommended to regularly brush the dog with a thick bristle brush, during periods of seasonal molting, this procedure needs to be given special attention. You can bathe the Norwegian Buhund only in case of urgent need. Dogs of this breed are in good health, there are only isolated cases of eye diseases and hip dysplasia.


The Norwegian Buhund is said to be the easiest breed to train, even among the savvy Spitz. He perfectly masters the course of general training and socialization. Indeed, the highly intelligent Norwegian Sheepdog is an excellent student who strives to earn the highest marks from his instructor. Training must be based on firmness, fairness and consistency.


However, the Norwegian Buhund is not suitable for keeping in an apartment. This agile dog needs constant physical activity and mental stimulation. He feels best when he has at his disposal a large fenced yard or a rural farm, where he could do the usual work for this breed. The Norwegian Buhund will prove to be an excellent and active partner for any active family event. Dogs of this breed especially stand out in competitions in agility, obedience, in police work, grazing and as a bloodhound.

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