Norwegian Lundehund: Dog Breed Description

There is reason to believe that the Norwegian Lundehund is one of the rarest breeds in the world. These dogs were bred in Norway to hunt Atlantic puffins, which came under protection in the 19th century, and therefore, the breed fell out of favor. As a result, after the Second World War, only five representatives of this breed remained. Thank God, her recovery gradually began, which is proceeding extremely slowly. But today the situation is no longer so catastrophic and there are now about 1500 individuals of these unique dogs all over the world. It is clear that it is extremely difficult to acquire them.


The Norwegian Lundehund is a wonderful breed with many unique characteristics. For example, this dog has six toes on each leg, it is able to bend their head back to the very shoulders, and it can close its ears, so as to protect it from water and dirt, and finally, it can stretch its front legs to the sides in the same way. how a person does it. All these unusual abilities allowed dogs of this breed to successfully hunt on cliffs and on any of the most difficult terrains.


The Norwegian Lundehund is a lively, friendly and playful breed that is usually classified as primitive. The Norwegian Lundehund protects well its family and its territory. He is alert, cautious, suspicious of strangers and will notify you of any danger or suspicious sounds with loud barks. Gets along well with children and dogs who grew up with him in the same house. The Norwegian Lundehund must definitely be busy with something; out of boredom, the dog can start to spoil the surrounding objects. This is a wonderful breed, cheerful and affectionate, and therefore excellent companions are made from these dogs. Not recommended for beginners or inexperienced dog breeders.

Wool and care

The Norwegian Lundehund is dressed in two layers of wool. The outer layer is short, dense and rough; around the neck, tail and on the dorsum of the hind legs up to the hock joint – thicker and richer. The undercoat is thick and soft, reminiscent of felt. Molting is seasonal and quite active. To remove dead and loose hair, weekly brushing is recommended. The dog’s coat requires special attention during seasonal shedding. Since the coat of the Norwegian Lundehund is self-cleaning, you should only bathe your dog when absolutely necessary. This breed is characterized by a rather serious disease, which is called Lundehund’s Syndrome. These are special digestive problems that can be expensive to treat.


The Norwegian Lundehund is stubborn, intractable, requires management and can be quite difficult to control, so this breed needs early socialization and training in the basics of obedience. It is extremely difficult to teach the Norwegian Lundehund to maintain cleanliness in the house, so at first it is strongly recommended to keep the puppy in a special box. However, it must be said that some dogs of this breed do not fully understand what exactly is required of them. Training should be conducted with firmness, fairness and consistency.


Norwegian Lundehund is not recommended for apartment living. A dog of this breed needs a large, securely fenced yard or farm, where it will have enough space for free walks and games with members of its family.

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