Norwich Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Norwich Terrier breed comes from Great Britain and was bred in the 19th century. This is one of the smallest Terriers, short, compact and quite strong. The Norwich Terrier was bred to hunt rabbits and hares, usually in small flocks. Therefore, they are more social dogs than representatives of other breeds of the Terrier family.


The Norwich Terrier is a loyal, active, curious and courageous dog. It is a noisy, enthusiastic breed with a loving heart. Norwich has a fearless and persistent personality, but he never shows aggression or irritation. This dog desperately needs constant communication with his family members.


The Norwich Terrier is an extremely intelligent dog. It must be said that this little terrier prefers human society and communicates well with children, but at the same time he gets along well with other dogs. But with cats, misunderstandings can arise, since they are very similar to dogs of this breed of rabbits. Thus, they can confuse them with their prey. To prevent this from happening, the Norwich Terrier needs to be introduced to these animals from puppyhood. In general, dogs of this breed need early socialization, otherwise they may be overly timid or overly cautious. This dog not only loves to be the center of everyone’s attention, this courageous troublemaker considers himself a part of absolutely everything that happens around him.

Wool and care

The Norwich Terrier is dressed in a straight, coarse, wire-like coat that fits close to the dog’s body. Below there is a layer of thick undercoat that protects the dog well from the vagaries of the weather. The color can be red, wheaten, black and tan. Molting is weak. Caring for the coat is quite simple. It is important to do daily brushing and brushing, and also needs professional trimming from time to time. You should only bathe your dogs if you really need to. As a rule, you can limit yourself to using dry shampoo. The dog’s coat requires special attention during seasonal molting. To do this, once a year, the Norwich Terrier should be taken to a professional dog hairdresser, who will completely remove the dead hair and undercoat. These terriers are hardy dogs that belong to long-livers, but they have genetically determined diseases of the eyes and spine.


The Norwich Terrier is quick and easy to learn, but sometimes he, too, is on his mind and shows stubbornness. In addition, like all small dogs, the Norwich Terrier does not immediately get used to maintaining the necessary cleanliness in the room. The best results can be achieved with patience, perseverance, and consistency in learning. The general training course is going well and loves to learn all kinds of tricks.


The Norwich Terrier is an energetic dog that will happily accompany you on a walk or jog. However, it should not be forgotten that the dog must be kept on a leash. Dogs of this breed cannot always withstand the required direction, and besides, they are quite easily distracted if something runs past that they consider suitable for themselves prey. This is a truly great companion who wants to be with his family all the time. You should not leave the Norwich Terrier alone for long periods of time, it will make noise and bark, and in general it will be extremely stressful for the dog. The Norwich Terrier is perfect for keeping in an apartment, only you should give it the attention it needs.

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