Old English Sheepdog: Dog Breed Description

The Old English Sheepdog is a friendly, intelligent, gentle and somewhat lazy dog. This breed has well-developed herding instincts. This is a wonderful companion dog capable of becoming a real family member. The Bobtail can protect its owners and its territory, but it is rarely used as a guard dog, because it is still very affectionate.


Balanced and loyal Old English Sheepdog gets along well with children and other family members. However, because of his herding instincts, he may try to drive people into the herd, however, these actions of his are harmless and do not cause trouble. If necessary, the dog can be weaned from such a bad habit.


A smart Old English Sheepdog usually doesn’t show any signs of aggression or shyness. This dog is ideal for family life. The Bobtail does an excellent job of both herding duties and any other canine job, so it is well suited for village life. This is a companion dog that can protect its family if necessary.

Wool and care

The Old English Sheepdog has a long, two-layer coat. The outer layer is coarse, tough and sinewy, while the undercoat is soft, wavy and fluffy. The coat should be soft and should give the dog a fat look. Bobtail needs to be combed out regularly, paying particular attention to the undercoat. This should be done to prevent tangling and matting of the coat. In the summer, a bobtail should be trimmed if it does not participate in exhibitions, and it also needs professional trimming.


Old English Sheepdog is very smart and has a developed shepherd instinct. However, he is sometimes too stubborn and self-willed, so he needs a strong-minded coach. A variety of training methods must be used when training this dog. this will keep her focused and interested in the workout.


The Old English Sheepdog needs a medium-sized yard for walking and play; however, it can do without it if it gets enough physical activity and often walks. This dog loves to go hiking and do various tasks. It is important that the bobtail always has access to fresh water, because because of its thick coat, it overheats very quickly.

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