Otterhound: Dog Breed Description

Otterhound is a loyal and reliable dog. It gets along well with children, dogs and cats, but can start hunting smaller pets. Usually, an otterhound is friendly to all people. This is a good hunting dog and also an excellent companion.

The Otterhound is an old breed associated with the Bloodhound. It was used to hunt otters. The dog has a pointed nose and great stamina.

This is a rare breed.


A large, strong, muscular dog. The head is large and narrow, the muzzle is equal to the length of the skull with a large, black nose. The eyes are small and dark. The ears are large, long, drooping and covered with long hair. The tail is long. It has strong legs, large paws with interdigital membranes. The color is black, gray, wheat, brown, black with brown.

Otterhound is always cheerful and optimistic. He is very smart, and therefore may be too independent and make decisions on his own.


Otterhound is extremely friendly and gets along well with all people and animals, so he is usually not used for protection. However, this dog loves to bark at the slightest disturbance.

Wool and care

The Otterhound has a long, two-layer coat. The outer layer is dense, rough and rough to the touch and shaggy in appearance, while the undercoat is soft and fluffy. This dog needs to be combed out twice a week. His beard should also be washed frequently to prevent tangling and to remove debris. Otterhounds should not be trimmed if they are exhibiting.


Otterhound is extremely self-willed and independent, and therefore his training must be varied, and the coach must be patient. This breed is difficult to train.


Otterhound loves to run and swim, so he needs a large fenced yard. However, active walks with the owner will be enough for him.

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