Patterdale Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Patterdale Terrier is an English working breed that began to spread actively in its homeland in the 18th century. The dog is intended for hunting burrowing animals: foxes, badgers, small rodents.

This terrier is not as energetic as other terriers, but is still quite active. This breed was bred specifically for hunting, and therefore has developed hunting instincts.


Until today, dogs are used for their intended purpose, with proper training and education, these terriers have no equal.


The Patterdale Terrier is a hunting dog that is ready to chase any animal even remotely resembling game. In addition, this dog loves to dig.


The Patterdale Terrier is smart, loyal and tries to please its owners. However, he has such a strong hunting instinct that, upon seeing prey, he loses his head. Therefore, you must always keep this dog on a strong leash, otherwise it will run away, and you simply will not be able to catch it. Dogs of this breed are very independent, but capable of falling in love with its owner.

Wool and care

The Patterdale Terrier usually has a short, black, coarse, coarse coat that feels like a wire to the touch. This coat requires minimal maintenance, it is enough, sometimes to remove dead hairs with a brush with rubber bristles. Since this dog loves to dig, after each walk, his paws will have to be washed from the dirt.


The Patterdale Terrier is difficult to train. It is extremely difficult to keep his attention, moreover, this dog is ready at any moment to rush in pursuit of any moving object. Therefore, it is imperative that this terrier be trained by a professional dog handler.


The Patterdale Terrier requires regular exercise. A spacious yard with a high fence dug into the ground is suitable for this dog. This dog shouldn’t be able to get out and chase after something.

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