Plott Hound: Dog Breed Description

The Plott Hound is an American hunting dog breed named after its first breeder. This breed was developed specifically for hunting bears, wolves, coyotes, wild cats and raccoons in the Appalachians. Outside the Southern States, Plott Hounds are almost unknown. This dog is not intended to be a pet.


The Plott Hound is an athletic, powerful and muscular dog. She is hardy, alert, determined and confident. The agile and daring Plotthund can be overly aggressive when hunting.


Plott Hound is friendly, sweet and enthusiastic. He is very keen on hunting and loses control of himself. This breed gets along well with other pets and children. Plotthund is distrustful of strangers, he will bark menacingly at strangers and jealously defend his family and his territory from them.

Wool and care

The Plott Hound has a thick, shiny, smooth and fine coat that is weather resistant. Some members of this breed have a double coat: a long and smooth outer coat and a soft, short, dense undercoat. The Plotthund requires minimal maintenance: it is enough to periodically clean it with a brush and occasionally bathe. It is imperative to remove debris from your dog’s ears and paw pads, especially after hunting. This breed is prone to stomach bloating and twisting.


Early socialization and early obedience training are recommended for this breed. Plott Hound is very smart and learns quickly. The training of this dog must be fair and consistent.


The Plott Hound is not suitable for inactive owners or for keeping in an apartment. He needs a large fenced yard or farm. This breed needs serious physical activity and participation in hunting.

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