Pomeranian: Dog Breed Description

The Pomeranian or Pom Dog is an active and curious dog. He (with proper training) gets along well with other pets and is a great companion for a teenager or elderly person.


The Pomeranian is a compact and active toy-like dog. This is a very intelligent, loyal and loving dog. He always strives to please his masters. The Pom Dog is gentle and affectionate and very curious.


The Pomeranian is confident and dominant, but very sociable at the same time. Due to its small size and violent temperament, this dog is not recommended for homes with small children. The Pom Dog can be an excellent watchdog, as it will always warn its owners about the danger.

Wool and care

The Pomeranian has a double coat, which must be brushed at least once a week; not only the top coat, but also the dense fluffy undercoat should be combed out. This procedure will help ease the shedding of your dog. However, it is worth remembering that brushing too often will damage the coat. The Pomeranian is prone to early tooth loss, so it needs to be professionally cleaned regularly. Dry food is also recommended for representatives of this breed, as it will help keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy.


The Pomeranian responds well to commands and learns quickly; obedience training is especially easy. It is important to control this dog’s barking as it can bark incessantly. Pom Dog is difficult to train to go to the toilet on the street, but consistent training and praise will teach the dog to do his thing while walking or using a litter box.


The Pomeranian needs short walks and active play with family or other pets. This dog can be trained in different tricks if you are patient enough and have a lot of free time. Representatives of this breed can easily get bored if they do not find a worthy occupation for themselves. The Pomeranian is perfect for living in an apartment or house with a small yard.

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