Poodle: Dog Breed Description

The Poodle is a very ancient breed that has three subspecies: Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle. The standard poodle is the oldest subspecies of the breed. Initially, this dog was bred in order to pick up a shot bird from the water. This breed was popular with both high society and commoners. This dog has long been known as a versatile dog capable of performing a variety of tasks, as well as an excellent companion.


The poodle is flexible, graceful and athletic. This breed is considered one of the most intelligent and attentive dog breeds. This is a playful, cheerful dog, which has a special sense of humor. He is elegant and dignified.


The Poodle is one of the most popular breeds in the world. This dog is devoted to its family and its owner. She needs human companionship and is very sensitive to the mood and emotions of her family. Sometimes the poodle becomes very attached to one of its owners, and therefore suffers terribly from separation from him. Standard and miniature poodles are usually cute and calm, while toy poodles are too nervous. The standard poodle is suitable for homes with other pets and children. Miniature and toy poodles are recommended for families with teenagers. Representatives of this breed do not trust strangers, which makes them good watchmen. However, sometimes the poodle can bark too long and too obsessively.

Wool and care

The poodle has a dense and coarse curly or corded coat. The color of the coat can be black, cream, gray, blue, black, white, apricot, red, brown or coffee-with-milk color. Also, this dog may have a multi-colored coat, but this color is not approved by the standard. This breed practically does not shed. The poodle’s coat requires special care: every 6-8 weeks it is worth doing a professional trimming procedure. For exhibitions, the poodle’s coat is cut in a special way, the most popular types of haircuts are called: pappy clip (for puppies), English lion and continental. Bathe this dog only when necessary, using a mild shampoo. The poodle should be combed daily to prevent tangling and mats. The dog’s teeth and ears also need to be constantly cleaned. This breed is prone to cataracts, retinal diseases, diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.


The poodle learns well because it strives to please its owners in everything. This dog needs early socialization and early obedience training. A poodle will not respond to harsh training methods, his trainer must be fair, patient, diligent and must treat the dog with respect. Representatives of this breed achieve great success in the study of tricks, and also take prizes in competitions in various types of canine sports.


The poodle loves to swim, play with the family and walk on a strong leash. Periodically, this dog should be given the opportunity to run in the wild in a safe place. This breed is suitable for keeping in an apartment or a house in the city, however, it is necessary to keep the poodle in good physical shape and control its desire to bark incessantly.

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