Portuguese Podengo: Dog Breed Description

The Portuguese Podengo comes in three sizes: small (Pequeno), medium (Medio) and large (Grande). The Portuguese Podengo is an ancient hound breed bred in Portugal, outside of which it is rare. This dog was created for hunting rabbits and the role of a pet does not suit her well.


The Portuguese Podengo is mobile, active and enthusiastic. Since humans almost did not interfere in the formation of this breed, the Podengo retained the ability to easily adapt to adverse environmental conditions, while maintaining its hunting functions. This is a very hardy dog ​​that easily tolerates heat and snow, both indoors and outdoors.


The Portuguese Podengo is positive and good-natured, as well as loyal and loyal to the owner. This dog gets along well with teenagers and friendly strangers. However, the Podengo will always warn its owners about really suspicious strangers by barking loudly. Since this breed is primitive, it is not recommended for inexperienced dog breeders.

Wool and care

The Portuguese Podengo has two types of wool: soft and hard. The soft coat is rough in texture and of medium length; hard – rough to the touch, long and shaggy. This breed sheds moderately. This dog needs occasional brushing to remove dead hair. It is better not to wash this dog, but to clean it using dry shampoo. You also need to closely monitor your dog’s oral hygiene. Due to the limited human intervention in the formation of this breed, the Podengo has excellent health and is not prone to any hereditary diseases.


The Portuguese Podengo needs early socialization and early obedience training. This dog learns quickly, but does not respond well to harsh training methods. A young Podengo has fragile bones, so do not exercise dexterity with it until it is 6 months old.


The Portuguese Podengo cannot live in an apartment, he needs a securely fenced large yard for daily exercise. The fence enclosing the Podengo yard must be at least 180 cm (6 feet) high and dug into the ground. You shouldn’t play tug-of-war with the Portuguese Podengo, it’s better to throw a ball to him. Also, this dog enjoys daily walks in a large company. This breed successfully participates in hunting and sports competitions.

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