Portuguese Pointer: Dog Breed Description

The Portuguese Pointer was bred in the Portuguese Royal Kennel. It is believed that this breed originated from dogs that were used by falconers during falconry as early as the 5-6th century AD. This is one of the rarest dog breeds.

This dog has a highly developed hunting instinct. Portuguese Pointer can hunt in any weather and in any terrain. His love for nature is very strong, sometimes even “… embarrassing, leading to the extreme”. However, for his passion for hunting, this breed is very loved and appreciated among Portuguese hunters.


The Portuguese Pointer is prized for its highly developed hunting instincts, in fact, this dog can perform both the functions of a pointer and a retriever. Designed for hunting, this dog is the ideal hunting companion. He feels great in any climatic conditions and in any landscape. Dogs of this breed are used for hunting both small and large game, it is especially successful in hunting the gray partridge.


The Portuguese Pointer is smart, loyal, attentive and affectionate. He is a great friend who easily finds common language with other dogs and children.

Wool and care

The Portuguese Pointer has a coarse, thick short coat. The fur on the face and ears of the dog is longer than on other parts of the body, and also velvety to the touch. This dog needs regular brushing and occasional brushing. Particular attention should be paid to the dog’s ears. The Portuguese Pointing Dog has excellent health due to its rarity and limited human intervention in the formation of this breed.


The Portuguese Pointer requires early obedience training and early socialization. This dog needs a strict but fair trainer. It is not necessary to teach this dog skills as a pointer and retriever, these are his innate instincts, which are manifested in puppies without any training.

These pets are good learners and can be trained very well, trying to maintain very close contact with their owner. At the same time, the animal is not weak-willed and, with all its positive qualities, it is able not to lose its healthy canine passion and natural charm.


The Portuguese Pointer cannot live in a city apartment, as he needs regular physical activity. Also, this breed needs active communication with the owner and periodic participation in the hunt.

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