Portuguese Water Dog: Dog Breed Description

The Portuguese Water Dog has long been used by Portuguese fishermen. She drove the fish in the net, caught it with her teeth, returned everything that fell overboard to the boat; transmitted messages between boats; guarded boats and catch. This breed was bred specifically to work in water, so this water dog loves to swim and generally be in the water. She is also an excellent retriever.


The Portuguese Water Dog is intelligent, loyal, loyal and alert, making it a good watchdog. This breed needs constant communication with people, and therefore cannot live in an aviary or booth. This dog is jealous of its territory and its family and therefore needs early socialization to prevent aggressive behavior from occurring.


This dog loves to play with his family. In addition, she is an excellent watchdog and guard, but this breed should not show aggression. The Portuguese Water Dog gets along well with children, but has problems with dogs. If there is another dog in the house, the latter must be taught to live in peace with your partner. You should not start this breed in families in which small or passive pets already live.

Wool and care

Portuguese dogs almost never shed, and therefore they can be turned on by allergy sufferers. The coat of this breed is thick, very long, wavy or curly, it is also covered with a special water-repellent lubricant, so you should not wash this dog often, it is better to shake off the dirt with a brush. The Portuguese Dog has a very thick and dense coat, which quickly tangles and rolls, to prevent this, you need to regularly brush the dog. It is also necessary to periodically remove debris that often gets entangled in the coat of the Portuguese Water Dog.


The Portuguese dog is very intelligent, but also very stubborn, although it shows an enviable interest in training. If the trainer of this dog is strict but fair; she will be able to do well in some canine sports.


The Portuguese Water Dog is very active both indoors and outdoors. She needs a fairly large, well-fenced yard. This breed needs regular exercise, which it will perform only with the owner. This dog loves to run and is a great partner for morning jogging.

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