Puli: Dog Breed Description

Hungarian Puli, aka Hungarian Water Dog, or simply Puli is an ancient herding breed. This dog came to Hungary from the Urals together with the Magyar nomads. Puli was used mainly for grazing sheep, while his larger comrade, the commander, protected the herd from attack by wolves and other predators. Many shepherds preferred these dogs to the commander, since the former was more outwardly different from the sheep.


Puli is a good watchman who jealously defends his master and his territory. This breed is distinguished by developed intelligence, and therefore learns quickly. Puli is extremely successful in dog sports and is adored by judges at shows. His success is due to the innate instincts of the herding dog.


Puli is a positive, fun and loyal dog. This breed can live in a house, but it should not be started by families with small children. Hungarian Water Dog can make friends with dogs and other pets if he grew up with them, but leaving him alone with small passive pets is dangerous. Children dealing with this breed should be taught not to pull the dog by its unusual hair, which resembles a rope.

Wool and care

The Puli has a unique coat – dense and thick, with a soft undercoat and wavy or curly guard hair, resistant to bad weather. In an adult of this breed, the hair naturally falls into a kind of cords that should not be cut. Puli grooming is not a test for the faint of heart. At an early age, the dog needs professional grooming. When the wool falls into the cords, it does not need to be combed, and after washing, this dog must be dried with a cold air stream.


Hungarian Water Dogs are smart and easy to train. A strict and consistent trainer will be able to grow a real champion of canine sports from a Puli. The training of this breed should begin at an early age, but for training a Hungarian Puli you do not need to go to a professional trainer, the owner of the dog can cope with this work, if he has the appropriate experience.


The energetic Hungarian Water Dog needs regular exercise and off-leash walks, and this requires a medium-sized fenced yard. This breed loves to run with the owner or chase his bike. Also, Hungarian Puli dogs love hiking, but during long journeys you need to protect the dog’s coat.

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