Rottweiler: Dog Breed Description

The origin of the Rottweiler is unknown, probably the ancestor of this breed was the Italian Mastiff. In the Middle Ages, this dog was widely used as a herding dog, but by the beginning of the 19th century, this breed has almost disappeared. Only a hundred years later, it was restored thanks to breeders from German Stuttgart. Today the Rottweiler is used for hunting, grazing, tracking, police work and security. He is considered one of the best guard breeds.


The Rottweiler is a cheerful and loving dog, which, however, can be very serious and even formidable. A powerful Rottweiler requires early training and early socialization. This breed can very aggressively defend its family and its territory. This dog has a bad reputation, many consider him evil and cruel, however, in fact, he is able to become a real member of the family.


A Rottweiler can be gentle and affectionate, or it can be a real bully. It is imperative to socialize this dog at a very early age. Dogs of this breed get along well with children if they grew up with them. However, due to the large size of this dog, it should not be left alone with babies. Also, the Rottweiler, if properly raised, easily finds a common language with other dogs, but sometimes he can be aggressive due to the developed protective instinct.

Wool and care

The Rottweiler has a short, straight, thick coat that is rough to the touch. This dog has undercoat only on the neck and thighs. The coat of a Rottweiler should not be wavy or curly. This breed has a very bright color: bluish-black top and light-red (rusty) bottom. The Rottweiler’s coat does not require special care; it is enough to periodically remove dead hairs with a brush with hard bristles. This breed sheds moderately. Since the Rottweiler’s coat and skin are covered with a special protective grease layer, you should not bathe this dog too often, it is better to clean it with a dry shampoo.


The Rottweiler strives to be the best in everything; besides, he is very smart – all this contributes to the successful training and successful performance of this dog in various sports competitions. However, a Rottweiler can be overly stubborn, so a strong and strong-willed trainer is necessary for him. This breed is distinguished by a powerful physique, this feature makes obedience training mandatory, which must be started at a very early age.


The Rottweiler needs a large yard because he requires a lot of physical activity in the open air, exercises should be given for two hours a day. This breed loves long walks, owners should walk with the Rottweiler at least twice a day.

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