Saluki: Dog Breed Description

Saluki or Persian greyhound is one of the most ancient dog breeds, it is believed that even the Egyptian pharaohs and their companions used it in hunting. This breed was bred in the Middle East, where it is still very popular. Saluki belongs to the group of greyhounds, and therefore does not follow the trail, but hunts only the game that it sees


Saluki is sensitive, gentle and affectionate. He is calm, benevolent and loyal to his family. This dog has a special grace, which is successfully combined with speed and agility. Persian greyhound is curious and has a developed sense of humor, at the same time this dog has a highly developed hunting instinct.


Saluki are smart and resourceful. He is strongly attached to the owner and his family and cannot live outside their society. Alone, this dog begins to experience feelings of anxiety and becomes severely depressed if this condition becomes prolonged. This breed gets along well with adolescents, but does not find a common language with other people’s dogs and other animals. Saluki will not bark for no reason.

Wool and care

The saluki has two types of wool: smooth and the so-called “feather”. In any case, the coat of this breed is short, tight to the body. Feathered Saluki has fluffy silky hair on the ears, lower part of the tail, legs and on the back of the thigh. The color of this dog is quite varied, this dog can be black and tan, white, cream, fawn, red or gold, it can also be tricolor white-black-brown. This breed sheds little and has almost no smell. Persian greyhound hair is easy to care for, occasionally it needs to be combed, paying special attention to the parts of the body with beautifying hair. Be sure to keep your dog’s ears clean. Saluki is picky about food and prefers to eat in small portions. However, you should contact your veterinarian if the dog has not eaten for more than two days. This breed is prone to bloating, hip dysplasia, skin problems and cataracts.


It is worth starting to train and socialize Saluki at an early age. He learns quickly, but prefers short and varied training sessions, rather than dull repetition. This dog does not tolerate strict discipline, it needs kindness, love and understanding.


Saluki is naturally energetic and athletic. He needs constant physical activity, and therefore he is not suitable for living in a city apartment. Although this dog is not active indoors, space is essential for life. The saluki yard should be fenced off with a high and strong fence, and when walking with the dog it should be kept on a short and reliable leash. The fact is that the Saluki can take a car for prey and chase it. This breed is capable of speeds up to 50 km / h, and while running, it does not hear the owner. These behaviors of the Saluki can pose a threat to him.

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