Samoyed: Dog Breed Description

The Samoyed is a very kind, friendly, sweet dog that does not leave anyone indifferent. This breed is easy to train and suits almost everyone. This breed cannot be a guard or watch dog, but that does not mean that he is stupid.


The Samoyed is a very peaceful but active dog. She is infinitely loyal to her master, but she also behaves quite friendly with other people. Samoyeds are very sociable, which makes them great companions. In addition, these dogs have a special beauty and sweetness.


The Samoyed, in spite of the fact that it is considered a husky, barks little, but it will always warn the owner about the approach of strangers. This breed is not suitable for homes with small and passive animals, but Samoyeds get along well with cats and other dogs. As already mentioned, this dog is very friendly, and therefore easily communicates with even the smallest children.

Wool and care

The Samoyed has a long, two-layer coat that requires constant grooming. The top coat of this breed is long and harsher than the undercoat, but still quite soft, and the undercoat is short, thick and very soft. Samoyed sheds profusely in the warm season, so it must be combed frequently. The coat of this dog gets dirty very easily, but it is also easy to wash if you wash the dog regularly.


The Samoyed is stubborn, self-willed and absent-minded; therefore, training should be consistent, moderately strict and as diverse as possible.


This dog is best suited for a cold and temperate climate, but the Samoyed also tolerates warm weather quite well. This breed needs vigorous exercise, but during training you need to remember that the Samoyed quickly gets hot due to its fur, which means that it needs constant access to drinking water.

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