Schipperke: Dog Breed Description

Schipperke is a very lively and energetic dog. This breed is distinguished by its extraordinary devotion and loyalty to its owner. Schipperke is always jealous of his territory and barks at strangers. He also likes to howl very much.


This dog is not very smart, and therefore it will be difficult to train him to relieve himself on the street, and not in the apartment. But with good handling and proper training, the Schipperke will quickly become comfortable. This breed is very attached to the family and protects it from dangers. This dog is often used as a guard dog, but the breed was originally bred to hunt rats and therefore has a strong hunting instinct.


This energetic and cheerful dog is always ready to protect his home and family from dangerous people. Schipperke is so attached to his territory that he needs early socialization, especially if there are children or other animals in the house. At the sight of strangers, both two-legged and four-legged, this dog barks loudly, warning the owners.

Wool and care

Schipperke has a coarse and straight coat that forms a frill around the neck. The undercoat of this dog is very soft and dense. It is rarely necessary to comb this breed with a comb or brush with hard bristles. This dog is a neat dog and therefore usually does not get dirty, if necessary, it is best to remove dirt with dry shampoo. The Schipperke sheds very profusely, up to three times a year. During molting, he needs special, more thorough care.


Schipperke needs solid but affectionate and consistent training. This dog is quite difficult to train because it quickly loses interest in training. However, with proper training, a Schipperke can become a well-mannered and polite dog.


Schipperke can live in a country house with a fenced yard or in an apartment. But he needs regular active training and walks in the yard or park, because he has irrepressible energy and loves to run.

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