Scottish Deerhound: Dog Breed Description

The Scottish Deerhound is a very friendly and affectionate dog. He can look threatening at times, but usually the deerhound is very cute. Although the Scottish Greyhound is often called a gentleman, it can be too capricious and not as easy to train as it seems. This breed is not recommended for families with other pets.

Amazing, unusual and rare. Scottish Deerhound is a large dog, and, despite its elegance, is renowned for its ability to take a deer on its own. This dog was created to assist in unarmed hunting.


Calm, loyal and loyal, Scottish Deerhound falls in love with everyone he meets on his way. It is a brave but friendly dog ​​that gets along well with children. She rather slowly assimilates new knowledge, but with correct and consistent training, she makes great strides in canine wisdom.


The Scottish Deerhound is a large dog, but despite this, it gets along well even with very young children, and therefore can be an excellent companion for a child. But the greyhound is unlikely to get along with small animals. This breed needs socialization just like any other.

Wool and care

The Deerhound’s coat is coarse and harsh. Fine and coarse hair should fit snugly around the dog’s body, giving it a shaggy, tousled look. This breed does not require frequent grooming. Deerhound sheds moderately. However, he occasionally needs a professional trimming and professional haircut.


Scottish Deerhound is a slow learner. He socializes easily, but it is quite difficult to teach him obedience. It is recommended that you start training this dog as early as possible.


Scottish Deerhound loves to run and needs a lot of physical activity. He needs daily workouts and at least a small fenced yard for walking. This breed is an excellent running companion.

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