Scottish Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Scottish Terrier, as the name suggests, was bred in Scotland many centuries ago. It is considered to be the most ancient of the Highland Terriers. The Scottish Terrier is playful and curious. Despite his compact size, he is very muscular and has a robust build. This is a wonderful companion dog, a real member of the family.


The Scottish Terrier is always on his mind, he will not give his devotion and love to just anyone. This dog carefully studies all the people with whom it communicates before deciding how to treat them. Scotch is very smart and independent.


The Scottish Terrier decides what to do and where to go. This dog is a real person. This dog is always vigilantly guarding its territory. Scotch tape can be aggressive towards cats and other dogs if it hasn’t been in contact with them since childhood. This dog is a good watchdog, it will not bark for no reason. The Scottish Terrier does not like annoying and undisciplined children.

Wool and care

The Scotch Terrier has a coarse coat with a soft and thick undercoat that protects it from the elements. The tough and wiry top coat reaches approximately 2 inches in length. This breed sheds little. Most often, the Scottish Terrier is black, but can be brindle, gray, wheaten or sandy. There are no white scotch terriers. To prevent the coat from tangling, this breed must be brushed 2 times a week. At the same time, the Scotch Terrier does not need professional trimming or grooming procedures. Scottish Terriers are susceptible to bladder cancer, cataracts, hypothyroidism and von Willebrand disease. In addition, this breed is very sensitive to flea bites and often has skin problems.


To prevent aggression towards other dogs, the Scotch Terrier must be socialized and trained from an early age. The Scottish Terrier is willful and stubborn, so training must be backed up by praise and tasty rewards. When properly trained, scotch tapes make great strides in obedience and some canine sports.


The Scottish Terrier is always ready for adventure. He needs long walks and interesting games. But in hot weather, he quickly gets tired. Scotch tape loves to play with a ball or stick. This breed can live in an apartment if physical activity is sufficient. Otherwise, the dog will get bored and become destructive. Will howl loudly and try to dig a hole in the living room.

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