Shar Pei: Dog Breed Description

The Chinese Shar Pei is a fairly strong dog, despite its small stature. This breed became the most famous due to its unique appearance of, as if cut with wrinkles. Dogs of this breed make wonderful watchdogs and, we must say, they can really scare strangers. Shar Pei is a very loyal and loyal dog to his family.


An intelligent, calm dog, full of an undeniable sense of inner dignity. The Chinese Shar Pei is a very alert animal, which makes it an excellent guard and watchdog. This dog has an incredibly strong protective instinct by nature, therefore dogs of this breed should undergo a course of active socialization, starting from a very early age. Firstly, so that this instinct does not become excessive, and secondly, in order to overcome the innate indecision of a dog of this breed.


Alert and self-confident, the Chinese Shar Pei can be an excellent companion for the experienced owner. But a dog of this breed may not suit everyone. This dog behaves quite calmly towards children, but if the children are too young, you should keep the situation under control, since Shar Pei is quite strong. May show some aggression towards other dogs, but this is corrected by adequate socialization.

Wool and care

The Chinese Shar Pei has a rather coarse and straight coat. The length of the coat ranges in length from very short to an inch or more at the withers of the dog, which is therefore called the “brush”. And although the wool of the Chinese Shar Pei does not require too active care, it still needs cleaning from time to time using a rubber brush or gloves in order to remove fallen or dead hairs. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the dog’s ears and the countless folds of its skin.


The Chinese Shar Pei can show considerable stubbornness from time to time, which makes learning it quite difficult. At the same time, it is an extremely intelligent dog that seeks to win the favor of its owner. Nevertheless, if you really want to achieve any lasting results with this breed, you will have to show remarkable perseverance and perseverance.


Of course, it is good if you have a small to medium sized patio where Shar Pei can walk freely, but it is not required. If you devote enough time to classes with this dog, then it may well live in an ordinary city apartment. This breed is very fond of walking with the owner on a leash, however, due to the folds of the skin, this dog can very easily overheat, especially in hot weather. Therefore, always have fresh water ready.

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