Shih Tzu: Dog Breed Description

The Shih Tzu is often referred to as the “little lion”. This breed was bred in Tibet, but gained the greatest popularity in China, where the active and affectionate Shih Tzu had the status of palace animals and companions of members of the imperial family.


The Shih Tzu is an intelligent, small but sturdy dog. She is a real aristocrat and behaves nobly and proudly. This breed has amazing warm and radiant eyes, similar to human ones. This is a graceful dog that looks like a stuffed toy.


The Shih Tzu is a companion dog, more than anything else, she loves to spend time in the same room with her owners. This breed gets along well with adolescents and pets. This little dog is sociable and confident, but he is suspicious of strangers. Therefore, he is an excellent watchman. This breed does not tolerate loneliness, and, left alone, it can become uncontrollable. This dog is sometimes quiet and obedient, and sometimes overly playful and stubborn. This dog needs to be treated with respect, but remember that it is very easy to spoil it.

Wool and care

The Shih Tzu has a long and thick double coat: a luxurious, slightly wavy outer layer is usually so long that it drags along the ground; the undercoat is soft and dense. The hair on the dog’s head is often tied up in a bun. prevent her from seeing. The color of this breed is very diverse. This dog sheds moderately, and its coat does not cause an allergic reaction. This dog needs serious grooming. The Shih Tzu should be brushed daily to prevent tangling and mats. This dog should be washed at least once a month. However, this breed does not tolerate a humid climate. Particular attention should be paid to caring for your dog’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth. This breed suffers from diseases of the kidneys and knee joints, as well as due to its too short muzzle, this little dog can snore and often suffer from bronchitis. In addition, he is prone to obesity and needs proper nutrition.


Shih Tzu is quite difficult to teach to go to the toilet on the street, a special cage may be required for training. This dog seeks to please its owner in everything and grasps all knowledge on the fly, but sometimes it can show stubbornness, so training should be consistent, and the trainer should be persistent. Dogs of this breed learn quickly with the right motivation.


The Shih Tzu needs short daily walks or vigorous indoor games. This breed is great for an apartment, but it would be nice if the Shih Tzu has a small courtyard where he can play peacefully.

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