Siberian Husky Puppies: Education, Care And Diet

A husky puppy is every child’s dream. Perhaps everyone has seen this little blue-eyed fluffy miracle at least once on the streets of their city. Dogs quickly became heroes of social networks and it became prestigious to acquire a puppy of this breed. Although few people know how to raise a husky. The confusion has arisen due to the erroneous opinion about the decorativeness

of the breed.

The main rules for choosing a husky puppy

By purchasing a small pet, you will have to learn a lot again, for example, the basics of raising a husky. It is important to understand that huskies are active and mischievous from 1 month of age, with indomitable energy and the need for constant physical exertion. Therefore, if you are buying a puppy for your child or you yourself prefer to spend evenings at home, it is better to think about another breed. Are you still determined? Husky puppies will be ideal companions for athletic, motivated and active people!

Siberian Husky Puppies

The most important criterion when choosing puppies is their age. In most cases, preference is given to already grown pets, since the older the baby, the easier it is to detect exterior flaws. Another plus noted by the breeders is that a puppy raised in a flock of littermates is psychologically more resistant. It adapts faster in the event of moving or stressful situations. It is about a husky 6 months old. With a husky at 6 months old, as with other dogs, the rule “the younger the pet is, the more it becomes attached to people.”

Therefore, first of all, you need to answer yourself the question why you are choosing a dog. Participation in exhibitions and sports competitions requires careful selection, which means that it is necessary to better consider options with older puppies. In addition, you will have to come to grips with huskies – raising and teaching pets to teams. For hiking and support in the sporting life of an owner, there is nothing better than taking a husky puppy that is one month old.

Do not forget about physiology. What should you pay attention to when choosing a little friend?

  • Teeth. They should be smooth and with a scissor bite typical of the breed.
  • Ears. The tips of the ears should point upwards.
  • Tail. Despite the popular stereotype, a healthy tail hangs down in a relaxed state.
  • General state. Sluggish, lack of initiative indicates possible problems with the dog.

Remember that raising a healthy husky is impossible if you leave it at home all day: it is a social animal! Taking care of your husky is also extremely important.

But the color and color of the eyes do not matter: the former can change over time, and the latter does not have to be blue.

Siberian Husky Puppies

Husky puppy in the house

As mentioned earlier, the husky is a social animal, so all family members should spend time with him. But the owner will be someone alone – the one who spends the most time with the dog. It is advisable to build your schedule so that in the first month the dog receives maximum attention. This will lay the foundations of behavior, character and determine the owner for the dog.

When small huskies appear in the house, they should have their own sleeping place, 2 bowls (for food and water) and a cage. The latter is necessary for the safety of the baby himself, since his playful and inquisitive nature can play a cruel joke and lead to injury. To create comfort, you can put toys or a sleeping mat in the cage. Some owners build miniature booths, it looks beautiful, and the husky sleeps in one with pleasure. While it is small, sleep takes most of the time in pet mode. In this case, it is not difficult to guess how to care for a husky. Take the puppy for a walk after rest: he, like people, will not be disturbed by a little activity and fresh air. This will additionally help develop the skill of asking to go outside.

If you have adopted a puppy under 2 months old, then it may seem that he loves to sleep more than anything else. How does this fit in with the activity and playfulness for which these dogs are chosen? This behavior is natural for babies and requires additional care, because it may seem that dogs do not need walks or fun games. This is not true.

Correct education is the key to success

Husky needs to be brought up from the first months. For example, the love of freedom of puppies leads to frequent escapes and, if you do not teach the dog the appropriate command in time, you will have to constantly keep it on a leash. Call your baby to you, and as a reward for a successfully completed command, you can feed him dog delicacies.

With such hyperactivity, raising a husky puppy is no easy task. It is important to accustom the growing pet to various stimuli for which the urban environment is so rich. The noise of cars, the screams of the crowd, the hum of the subway, other dogs – all this at first will be a kind of test for the dog. Walk it in different places – this will speed up the socialization process.

Siberian Husky Puppies

A common mistake deserves separate consideration – the punishment for “wrong” actions. This method is especially harmful if you do not find the dog for damage to furniture, relieving needs in the wrong place or escaping. Use the reverse “reward” method to reinforce positive qualities without reacting to negative experiences. Husky training is faster than you think, because these are some of the smartest dogs in the world.

The optimal basis for raising a husky is educational and educational games, which are carried out on special grounds or at home. With their help, you will establish communication with the dog and become the “leader of the pack.”

Training a husky puppy is also a delicate matter, and it must be carried out from the first months of life. By prohibiting or allowing something to the dog, you form a certain pattern of behavior. This is especially necessary at home, when the husky has no contact with relatives. Don’t encourage your dog to begging, lazy, petty sabotage, and you won’t have to regret it when it grows up.

Proper nutrition

How often dog owners do not care about the balanced diet of their pets and are not afraid to give them table leftovers, fatty, sweet or salty food! Feeding your puppy should be based on the following principles:

  • high calorie content;
  • easily digestible;
  • regularity;
  • balance.

Husky 4 months and younger are recommended to feed 3 times a day, older puppies can be safely transferred to two meals a day. It should be noted right away that the construction of the menu for dry and natural food is significantly different. When switching to the first, it is worth excluding any other products, except for fermented milk and vegetables. A “natural” menu should consist of raw meat, boiled offal, cereals, dairy products and boiled vegetables, with a little less than half of the diet should be beef or lamb.

When the dog turns four months old, you can enter complexes of vitamins, micro- and macroelements to strengthen bones and joints, but only if you choose a menu of natural products. Combining with dry food will lead to an overdose of nutrients and negatively affect the health of the pet. This does not negate the benefits of natural yogurt, which is easily prepared using store-bought starter culture and milk.

Another harmful myth is about the benefits of bones in a dog’s diet. For a husky 5 months old, they are more like a toy, not food, but puppies at six months and older can grind their teeth prematurely and hurt the stomach with chips.

Siberian Husky Puppies

Health care for a husky puppy

Maintenance and care are the criteria for the full development of the dog. Another important moment in the life of a husky is vaccination. It is not enough just to pay attention to the pet and feed it correctly. You need to take care of medical methods of protection. This is especially true for dogs that are 1 year old. So, at the age of two months, the time comes for a complex vaccination, which consists of 2 vaccinations with an interval of 3 weeks. Before the first of them, it is necessary to carry out deworming (protection from worms). Another vaccination closer to the end of the first year of the husky’s life is optional, but recommended by many veterinarians.

Summer for the husky is a time of fun. At this time, the owners need to be especially careful. Huskies are vulnerable to tick bites, and an unnoticed insect in time can cause the death of your friend. There are many products on the market that will help keep your dog safe, from sprays to special collars.

Proper care of a husky puppy, as well as a balanced diet, training and education of a husky will allow your pet to live a long, interesting and fulfilling life. But it should be remembered that the care and maintenance of a pet is the basis of the basics.

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