Siberian Husky: Dog Breed Description

Siberian Husky is a sled dog bred in the North-East of Siberia. In 1909, the husky was brought to Alaska to participate in dog sled racing. This breed is distinguished by its strength, resilience and endurance, which makes it extremely popular with dog breeders in the Arctic region.


The Siberian Husky is a well-built, robust working dog. This breed is able to withstand temperatures up to 75 degrees below zero, making the husky the ideal dog for cold climates. Husky has a sense of its own dignity and requires respect for itself. He is a conscientious worker and a friendly companion.


Husky is an affectionate, gentle and friendly dog ​​that always strives to please its owner. Husky is very smart, and therefore sometimes too independent, this character trait of this breed can give its owner a lot of trouble. Siberian Husky is versatile and easily finds a common language with other dogs, however, due to a very developed hunting instinct, he may have problems communicating with cats and other small animals. Husky loves his family, but doesn’t get too attached to one particular person. However, this dog is not suitable for families where both adults work, as it requires constant attention to itself. This breed is loyal to strangers. Like all sled dogs, the husky prefers to live in a pack.

Wool and care

The Siberian Husky has a two-layer coat of medium length. The undercoat is thick and soft, while the outer layer is coarse and tough. The color of this breed is extremely diverse, most often, huskies are black and white, gray-white, copper, red-white and pure white. The pattern on the dog’s face can form a mask or goggles. The Siberian Husky sheds profusely and often; it completely changes its undercoat twice a year. Husky is a dog that is pure by nature, which does not even have a specific dog smell. This breed needs daily brushing to prevent tangling and matting. Husky should be washed only in case of urgent need, while using a mild shampoo. This dog is prone to dysplasia, cataracts and allergic skin reactions, and can suffer from overheating in extremely warm climates.


Siberian Husky is very smart and independent, he will obey only the command and then, if he sees the point in this. Training for a given breed must be patient and consistent. Huskies feel in advance that they are superior to a person, so it is quite difficult for him to explain why the boss is in the house. This dog is a sled dog, and therefore it is difficult to train it to go to the toilet on the street, for such training you may need a special cage. Husky needs early obedience training and early socialization.


Running is a husky’s instinct, so he needs a large fenced yard. If this dog gets bored, he will become destructive and start digging the floor under him. The Siberian Husky is a great companion for running or sporty walking, but it needs to be kept on a strong leash and careful not to overheat. This breed is not recommended for keeping in an apartment, because she just needs a lot of physical activity.

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