Sloughi: Dog Breed Description

Sloughi dogs ( Arabian Greyhound ) are a very ancient breed developed in North Africa for hunting foxes, hares, jackals, hyenas and wild boars in the desert. This dog was very much appreciated by the Bedouins, for them it has always been a real member of the family. Due to the French occupation and the epidemic of rabies, Sloughi practically died out, today this unusual breed is very rare.


The Sloughi is a tall, elegant and slender dog. She is distinguished by nobility, grace, sophistication and aristocracy. This is an athletic breed, so Sloughi can run very fast and jump very high. Arabian Greyhound is active, alert, intelligent and gentle.


A loving and devoted Sloughi has a strong and deep emotional attachment to his master and his family, so it is very difficult for him to change owners. This breed treats strangers with caution – Sloughi are reliable watchmen. This dog is not recommended for beginner breeders. Arabian Greyhound communicates well with teenagers and those pets with whom he grew up. However, due to its strong hunting instinct, this dog is not suitable for living in a house where there are cats, small dogs or other small animals. The Sloughi is very sensitive, so any change in environment or minor changes in his daily routine can be stressful for the dog. She needs a calm and harmonious home environment. Sloughi do not tolerate loneliness, being left alone for a long time, he becomes destructive and uncontrollable.

Wool and care

The Sloughi has a very smooth, short, thin, soft and thick coat that fits snugly to the body. This breed can be sand-colored, mahogany, red-black, brindle or red-brindle. Sometimes Arabian Greyhound have black or white spots. This dog sheds moderately. Sloughi should be brushed periodically with a hard-bristled brush. You should bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary, and it is better to remove dirt from the coat with a dry shampoo. The fact is that the Sloughi has very dry skin, which from frequent bathing can become even drier. This breed is not suitable for living in cold climates. Arabian Greyhound is prone to retinal atrophy and hemophilia. It is important to remember that the Sloughi is a hound, and therefore will chase anything that moves. Arabian Greyhound concentrates heavily on the subject and can reach speeds of up to 37 mph (60 km / h), so he easily gets into trouble and finds himself in dangerous situations.


Sloughi is very smart, and therefore stubborn and wayward. Tough teaching methods will not suit him. This breed requires respectful treatment of itself; strict but fair coach. Lessons should be repeated often, and for success in training, reward the dog with something tasty. Arabian Greyhound are difficult to train to go to the toilet on the street, however, when teaching this skill, you should not abuse the special cage, as this breed suffers from a mild degree of claustrophobia.


Sloughi needs daily exercise and is a great running companion. It is also extremely important for this dog to participate in family activities. This breed can live in a city apartment or house if it receives sufficient physical activity. Arabian Greyhound should be walked on a strong leash or in a large fenced yard.

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