Smooth Fox Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Smooth Fox Terrier is believed to be one of the oldest breeds in the terrier family. It was bred in England back in the 18th century and was originally used for hunting foxes and rodents. While it is possible that other terrier breeds are more popular today, the Fox Terrier deserves its fair share of love and recognition as well. Today it is, first of all, not a hunting dog, but a show dog and a cheerful pet.


The Smooth Fox Terrier is a well-proportioned, active, cheerful, and independent breed. These dogs are graceful, impatient and incredibly courageous. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a bold and assertive breed that has not only visual appeal, but also, as they say, brains.


A loyal and very loyal breed, the Smooth Fox Terrier is also a loving and affectionate dog. He needs constant human attention, and if you ignore him for a long time, or worse, leave him alone, he can become very homesick. Gets along well with older children. Since the Fox Terrier is a very aggressive breed, you shouldn’t take it into a house that already has other pets. He is extremely distrustful of strangers, which is why these dogs make excellent watchdogs. The smooth fox terrier is not suitable for people who are naturally apathetic, sedentary, or lacking in experience.

Wool and care

The Smooth Fox Terrier has a dense, short, straight and smooth coat. It is quite thick and covers not only the whole body, but also the belly and the back of the dog’s hind legs. The color is predominantly white with black or brown markings. Shedding – medium intensity. A smooth fox terrier needs regular brushing and professional trimming about twice a year. Bathe your dog when needed, or use dry shampoo instead. The most typical diseases for this breed are deafness, postnasal syndrome, cataracts, necrosis of the femoral head – Legg-Calvet-Perthes disease, dislocation of the lens and distichiasis.


Dogs of this breed require early intensive and extensive socialization and obedience training. The Fox Terrier is a rather intractable dog, questioning any authority and seeking to seize dominance. They are prone to excessive barking, and although the owner of this breed must be experienced and have a firm hand, harsh or arbitrary methods on this dog will be ineffective. Training should be conducted with firmness, fairness, consistency and patience. The smooth fox terrier showcases special talents in agility, flyball, tracking and hunting.


Furious and playful, the Smooth Fox Terrier requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. He gets real pleasure from long walks with his owner on a leash, all kinds of family activities, playing ball and a flying saucer, as well as from free walks in a fenced or just a safe place where he can, as they say, “break away” and run to his pleasure. If you do not pay enough attention to the dog, his character can change for the worse. He can bark endlessly to draw attention to himself or start spoiling the surrounding objects. Provided there is sufficient physical activity and mental stimulation, he feels good in an ordinary city apartment.

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