South Russian Ovcharka: Dog Breed Description

The South Russian Ovcharka is not for everyone: it is a very large dog with leadership qualities, suspicious of strangers. He has a complex character, so it is extremely difficult to educate her. The Ovcharka is a guard dog, but it can also graze cattle or sheep.

It is a breed of large dogs of white, fawn and gray colors, traditionally bred in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine.

Another name for the breed is Tavricheskaya Shepherd Dog;


The South Russian Ovcharka has leadership qualities, and therefore needs a strong and strong-willed owner who will be able to train her. This breed needs early socialization to suppress aggressive tendencies in it.


This breed is moderately aggressive and moderately obedient. This dog gets along well with other animals as long as they are large enough and not passive. The South Russian Ovcharka needs space and will feel good only in a large village farm, otherwise the dog will get bored and become a domestic tyrant.

The process of raising a sof of this breed is difficult, it is suitable for people who already have experience of owning a dog;

A dog of this breed cannot be given to children – it will zealously protect the baby from everyone and can become dangerous.

Wool and care

The South Russian Ovcharka has a thick and dense double coat. The top layer is long and slightly rough, while the bottom is short and soft. This breed needs to be brushed daily as the dog is very active and the coat gets tangled easily. It is also necessary to brush the coat around the dog’s mouth daily.


The South Russian Ovcharka is independent and does not concentrate well on training classes, therefore it needs a strong and strong-willed trainer who carries out rigorous and consistent training


The South Russian Ovcharka will not get along in an apartment or a small house, it needs freedom and space. This dog also needs a real job: the Ovcharka will gladly graze and guard livestock.

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