Spinone Italiano: Dog Breed Description

Have you heard something about a dog breed called Spinone Italiano? No? Meanwhile, this is a very ancient breed, combining all the advantages of both the Pointer and the Retriever. Surprisingly, nowadays she is really practically unknown, while her ancestry can be traced back to 500 BC. The Spinone Italiano was and is still tremendously appreciated precisely for his hunting skills and abilities.


The Spinone Italiano is a noble and rather large breed of dog. If you see it at least once, you will definitely remember it and not confuse it with anyone. Spinone is well known for its strength and endurance. Dogs of this breed hunt with equal success in any landscape and any climate. At the same time, the Spinone is a rather versatile breed, these dogs are not only excellent hunters, but also wonderful companions.


The somewhat shaggy and rude appearance of the Spinone Italiano is in complete contradiction with his affectionate and affectionate character. They are very sociable, brave and loyal dogs. They have a somewhat independent nature, but they can also show excessive sensitivity, so it is best to start an Spinone when your children are already growing up. Has a good relationship with other animals, especially other dogs. This pleasant and calm breed gets real pleasure from communication with humans. Spinone Italiano is not suitable for every owner, however, and acquiring it is not easy at all.

Wool and care

The coat of these dogs is thick, long, slightly wavy and slightly wiry. On the eyebrows, chin and lips of the Spinone Italiano there are longer strands that form a kind of mustache and beard. The muzzle of the Spinone Italiano, slightly overgrown with long hair, gives it a somewhat sullen appearance. In order for the dog’s coat to always look neat, it must be trimmed from time to time. Otherwise, brushing once a week with a stiff brush is enough. You can only bathe if absolutely necessary. Dysplasia of the hip joint and ataxia (tabes) of the cerebellum are characteristic of this breed.


The Spinone Italiano is certainly a quick and capable student, but can sometimes be stubborn. Since this is a rather sensitive breed of dog, it must be trained based on firmness, fairness and consistency. Motivational training works best with these dogs. Early socialization and general obedience courses are recommended.


The Spinone Italiano is a working breed that is used to working hard. These dogs are not suitable for living in a city apartment; they feel best in a spacious and securely fenced yard. The Spinone greatly values ​​human companionship and excels in hunting, agility, tracking, search and rescue, canistherapy, tourism, tracing, go-karting and flyball.

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