St. Bernard: Dog Breed Description

The St. Bernard is a very ancient breed, presumably bred in 980. Usually, the St. Bernard is used to search and rescue people. This dog has many good qualities: it senses impending danger very well, has an excellent sense of smell and the ability to accurately determine the direction of its searches. St. Bernard is a reliable worker and a good companion.


St. Bernard is very affectionate and friendly. Despite all his power and impressive size, he is not at all aggressive, but soft and good-natured. This is a very intelligent and very humble dog.


The St. Bernard looks rather sad and sad, but is actually a very cute dog that gets along well with other pets and children. St. Bernard is a good guard who is always ready to protect his family. He strives to be everyone’s favorite, actively drawing attention to himself. This dog is very smart and stubborn, so its owners should be patient. St. Bernard is afraid of loneliness and, left alone, can become uncontrollable.

Wool and care

St. Bernard dogs can be short-haired or long-haired. At the same time, short hair is usually smooth, and long hair is rough to the touch. Regardless of the length, the coat of the St. Bernard is thick and waterproof. The color of this breed is a combination of white, red, black, brindle and mahogany. St. Bernard sheds heavily twice a year. This dog needs daily brushing with a stiff-bristled brush. This procedure will reduce the amount of hair scattered around your home. It is also necessary to regularly clean the St. Bernard’s eyes and ears, which are prone to irritation. This breed is prone to wobbler syndrome, heart and skin diseases, and bloating. Also, this dog does not tolerate heat well.


St. Bernard needs to be socialized at an early age, before he has grown up and turned into a huge clumsy dog. This dog is always trying to please its owner, so a patient and gentle trainer will easily teach him all canine sciences. St. Bernard is obedient and perfectly fulfills simple commands: serve, sit, seat, etc.


Due to the danger of overheating, this dog should not be exhausted with heavy physical training, the load should be negligible. It is enough to walk with the St. Bernard every day and play with him during walks. This breed is suitable for living in a city apartment, and a small fenced yard is also suitable for her.

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