Stabyhoun: Dog Breed Description

Stabyhoun, aka Stabij was bred in the northeastern region of the Netherlands – Friesland. Stabyhoun is a universal dog: it can guard the house and go hunting with its owner. This is a rather rare breed, almost unknown outside the Netherlands. Today there are only 3500 individuals of this breed.


The Stabyhoun is well built; it is a strong and resilient dog. Thanks to its intelligence and agility, this breed belongs to the famous English Sporting Group.


Stabyhoun is a loyal dog that gets along well with children and pets. This breed is quite patient and friendly towards familiar people, but it is suspicious of strangers. Stabij is created to protect his family and territory, but never oversteps the boundaries of what is permitted. It is an excellent companion dog and a wonderful companion for a hunter. Stabyhoun is very nice, and therefore becomes more and more popular in Europe and the USA.

Wool and care

Stabyhoun ‘s coat is long, smooth and dense. On the head of the dog the coat is shorter, and on the thighs, back of the forelegs and ears it is longer and thicker. The breed molt is abundant and takes place twice a year. Stabij is quite unpretentious, but during molting he needs constant combing. The dog should also be brushed as needed to prevent tangling. Frequent bathing is harmful to the Stabyhoun ‘s coat and should not be overused. This is a fairly healthy breed, since the individuals for its breeding were selected very carefully.


Stabyhoun is smart and well trained. Education must be fair, firm and consistent. Stabij loves to hunt, run after frisbees and play with a ball.


Stabyhoun is not suitable for living in an apartment, he just needs a large fenced yard or even a whole farm. Stabij needs some work and will gladly graze sheep or hunt ducks with the owner.

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