Standard Schnauzer: Dog Breed Description

Bred in Germany, the Standard Schnauzer is the oldest species of schnauzer. This dog can do certain jobs, be a watchdog or companion dog, although this breed was originally created to guard livestock. Also, these dogs are wonderful nannies, you can safely entrust a child to them. Today this dog is used as a watchdog and companion, and is considered one of the best in these “professions”.


The Standard Schnauzer is often referred to as the “dog with the human brain.” Smart, charming and reliable, this dog is graceful and elegant. This breed is versatile and has an aristocratic appearance.


The Standard Schnauzer is a very developed and intelligent dog. He is extremely loyal, loyal and reliable. It is an affectionate, playful and charming breed. The Schnauzer gets along well with teenagers. But his relationship with pets leaves much to be desired, this dog can be quite aggressive. This dog needs constant attention from the owner, it becomes unbearable if left alone. The Standard Schnauzer is careful with strangers and is always ready to protect his family, which makes him an excellent watchman. This breed is not recommended for novice dog breeders and inactive owners.

Wool and care

The Standard Schnauzer has two layers of hair: the top one is coarse and hard and soft and dense undercoat. On the dog’s face, the coat forms bushy eyebrows and a beard. This dog can be pure black or salt and pepper. This breed sheds moderately and only changes down. The Schnauzer needs daily brushing to prevent tangling. A short wire brush is best for this. Particular attention should be paid to the fur around the eyes and ears, as well as the mustache, especially after eating. Professional trimming should be done twice a year. You only need to wash your dog if necessary, and you can also clean it with dry shampoo. The Standard Schnauzer is considered a fairly healthy dog, but it can suffer from eye diseases and hip dysplasia.


The demanding and headstrong Standard Schnauzer: needs a strong and dominant master. He requires intense exercise and early socialization, as well as obedience training. The Schnauzer needs strict, fair and consistent training. It can be used for search and rescue of people and in military service, and this dog, as a rule, achieves high achievements in canine sports. In addition, the Standard Schnauzer is often involved in psychological therapy.


The Standard Schnauzer is very energetic, and therefore needs constant active training. He likes to play, walk on a leash, or run freely in a safe place. If the Schnauzer gets bored, he will find himself entertainment that the owners may not like. This breed can live in a city apartment if physical activity is sufficient.

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