Sussex Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The Sussex Spaniel is a calm and intelligent hunting dog with a quiet and even temperament, designed for tracking and frightening prey. He loves to communicate with people and is very attached to his master.


The Sussex Spaniel does not get along well with unfamiliar dogs, however, if you start training it early, it will not behave aggressively. But this dog is a wonderful companion and communicates well with cats and other small animals


The Sussex Spaniel doesn’t like to be bothered, so it’s better not to have it in a house with small children, but this dog will not have problems with older children. The Sussex is somewhat lazy, but it can be a good watchman: he warns the owners about the appearance of a stranger with a loud bark. This dog should not be left at home alone with unfamiliar small animals, because it has a very strong hunting instinct.

Wool and care

The Sussex Spaniel has a dark, wavy coat of medium length. On the back, the coat is longer and thicker than on the front. This dog needs regular brushing or brushing. The Sussex is prone to ear infections, so it needs to be cleaned very carefully and constantly. It is also recommended to periodically carry out a professional grooming procedure.


The Sussex Spaniel was bred specifically for hunting small game, but it can also participate in sports competitions. However, for this, it needs long and patient training, since Sussex is a lazy and wayward dog and can be very naughty.


The Sussex Spaniel is prone to overweight, so it needs constant daily training. Most of all, this breed loves to swim and look for game. The Sussex can easily get along in a city apartment, but at the same time you need to run with him regularly in the park.

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