Swedish Vallhund: Dog Breed Description

The Swedish Vallhund has a good sense of humor and brings fun and excitement to the lives of its owners. This breed has a protective instinct: it is suspicious of strangers. The Swedish Vallhund is a calm and affectionate dog, constantly in need of increased attention from the owners. The Swedish Vallhund was bred to graze herds, so it can occasionally bite people on the ankles. However, it is a very intelligent dog and can be easily weaned from this habit.


The Swedish Vallhund is very smart and energetic, it can be used instead of an alarm clock, because he loves to wake up the owners with loud barks. Also, the Swedish Vallhund can graze livestock and wear slippers with equal success.


The Swedish Vallhund is a temperamental, affectionate and playful dog. She gets along well with children as long as they don’t torture her. With small animals, the Swedish Vallhund also does not experience difficulties in communication, but it is better not to start it in a house where there are cats.

Wool and care

The Swedish Vallhund has a dense, coarse coat with a soft, thick, silky undercoat. The hair on his ears is slightly lighter than on other parts of the body. Moderate molting. Swedish Vallhund does not require special care: it is enough to comb it once a month. You need to bathe this dog only, when necessary, it is better to just dry it with a dry towel or use dry shampoo.


The smart Swedish Vallhund is well educated and very obedient if handled with courtesy and care. It is an excellent companion dog and can also be a good watchdog if trained properly.


The Swedish Vallhund will feel great in a city apartment if the owners give him the necessary physical activity. This breed is very active and irritable; therefore, it needs frequent long walks and jogging.

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