Thai Ridgeback: Dog Breed Description

The Thai Ridgeback is one of the oldest dog breeds. As the name implies, she appeared in Thailand. Outside the country of origin, the Ridgeback is almost unknown. It is a guard and hunting breed. Until now, the Ridgeback is considered a semi-wild dog.


The Thai Ridgeback is a powerful, muscular dog of medium size. He is bold, courageous, agile and graceful. This breed also possesses keen eyesight and keen hearing. The Ridgeback dog loves sports and adapts easily to any environment.


The Thai Ridgeback is very intelligent, infinitely loyal and infinitely loyal to its master. He is both a loyal friend and a ferocious watchdog. This breed is suspicious of strangers and prefers to avoid them. This dog gets along well with adults and neat children. But he does not get along well with other dogs and other animals, if they have not grown up with him. Thai Ridgebacks have an extremely developed protective instinct, and they will protect their family from anything that, in their opinion, is a threat. This breed does not tolerate loneliness, and therefore is not suitable for families where all adults work outside the home. Also, this dog is not recommended for beginner dog breeders.

Wool and care

Ridgeback hair is of two types: hard and straight with a very thin undercoat and soft and thick, reminiscent of velvet in texture. A distinctive feature of this breed is the spot on the back (ridge). The hairs of this spot grow in the opposite direction to the main one. The ridge can be shaped like a pin, leaf, saddle, needle, feather, arrow, lute or violin. Ridgeback coat color can also be different: blue, red, yellow-brown and black. Molting is very moderate. The Thai Ridgeback dog requires weekly grooming. The coat should be brushed out regularly with a brush or fine comb. This dog should be bathed only when necessary. The Thai Ridgeback does not tolerate cold climates. This breed is in good health but can suffer from hip dysplasia and skin conditions.


The Thai Ridgeback dog requires early learning and socialization. Training must be consistent and consistent, and the coach patient and fair. However, this breed learns quickly, as it seeks to please its owner in everything.


The Thai Ridgeback loves exercise. Be sure to keep the ridgeback busy, otherwise he will get bored and he will destroy everything around. Involve this dog in all household activities to please him. This breed does well in a city apartment if it gets enough physical activity. But it is best for a Thai Ridgeback to live in a house with a well-walled garden. In crowded places, this dog should be walked on a strong leash.

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