Tibetan Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Tibetan Terrier is a very ancient breed from which all Tibetan dogs began to breed. Initially, this breed was bred by Tibetan monks, who did not sell terriers to anyone, but only gave them to the most respected and high-ranking visitors of monasteries. This terrier has always been considered the holy dog ​​of Tibet, bringing good luck to its owners. This breed is still considered rare.


The Tibetan Terrier is a medium sized dog. Because of the long hair that covers his eyes, he looks like a small shepherd dog. Despite its name, the he is not at all like a typical terrier. This is a versatile dog: it can be a companion, a guard, and a shepherd.


The Tibetan Terrier is a very intelligent and deeply loyal dog to his family. She does not like loneliness and needs constant communication with people, otherwise she will be nervous and behave inappropriately. This breed perfectly feels its owner and recognizes his emotions well. This little dog will have no problem communicating with adolescents and all pets except cats. But even with the latter, he can get along with proper training. This dog is a wonderful watchman who will bark to warn the owners about the appearance of strangers.

Wool and care

The Tibetan Terrier has a two-layer coat that protects the dog from the harsh climate. The outer layer is long and thin, while the inner layer is thick, soft and woolly. The coat of this breed can be monochromatic, two-colored, three-colored or multi-colored. Typical shades of this dogare white, cream, silver, gold, black and red. Brush your Tibetan Terrier several times a week to prevent tangling and loose hair. Before brushing, the dog should be washed with conditioner to prevent breakage. Bathing your dog should only be done if absolutely necessary, using a mild shampoo. But it is best to remove dirt with dry shampoo. This breed is prone to dysplasias, hernias, cataracts, dislocations and progressive retinal atrophy.


The Tibetan Terrier learns very quickly and with pleasure. But he is very wayward, and therefore does not like repetitions. This breed needs early socialization. this dog must be trained consistently, patiently and with respect, constantly reinforcing its achievements with delicious treats. Do not shout at the Tibetan Terrier, do not talk to him harshly – he cannot stand it.


The Tibetan Terrier needs constant training and / or walking. If the owner loads this dog enough, it feels great in a city apartment as well. The Tibetan Terrier will gladly walk with the owner or frolic in a fenced yard or park.

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