Tosa: Dog Breed Description

The Tosa Inu is a very brave, fearless and courageous breed. This dog quickly learns to obey its master. This dog is very kind and affectionate, but is wary of strangers. However, Tosa Inu easily forges relationships with new people if they do not pose a threat. This breed gets along well with children, but the joint games of children and Tosa Inu should be monitored, especially if the children are small, because the dog is very large and can cause harm by accident. But in dealing with cats and other pets, Tosa Inu can have serious problems if they did not grow up together. With proper training, this dog will make an excellent family pet.


The brave and intelligent Tosa Inu conquers people with its good-natured appearance. However, this breed is not suitable for everyone. Due to the huge size of the dog, it must be carefully and correctly trained, and this can only be done by experienced dog breeders. A trained Tosa Inu will be a very sweet and gentle dog who loves his master and his family. This breed can perform excellently as a watchdog if trained appropriately.


Tosa Inu is easy to learn and quickly socializes, but he needs constant control in order to avoid unpleasant situations. He can be only one pet in the house, or he can grow up with other pets.

Wool and care

The coat of the Tosa Inu is short, thick, dense and rough to the touch. It is quite easy to care for it, as for any short coat. Particular attention should be paid to the dog’s face, because Tosa Inu often salivates profusely. You need to bathe it only when necessary.


Tosa Inu is a very intelligent dog, drawn to knowledge. She learns quickly and obeys her master well. Since this breed is huge in size, it requires constant monitoring, and therefore only experienced dog breeders can start it. Training for this breed, in principle, is not mandatory, but it is better to start it as early as possible so that later there will be no problems.


For a large Tosa Inu, a spacious fenced yard is suitable, he can also live in an apartment if he receives sufficient physical activity. This breed loves long walks, jogging, especially it likes to run after a thrown stick.

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