Hungarian Vizsla: Dog Breed Description

The Hungarian Vizsla is a very rare hunting dog. This breed was bred especially for the Hungarian aristocrats. After the Second World War, the vizsla practically disappeared, but was restored by Hungarian emigrants, who managed to illegally take several puppies abroad.


This breed is versatile and suitable for hunting in the forest, field or on the water. The Vizsla easily tolerates extreme weather conditions and moves well over rough terrain. This dog has an excellent character and can be an excellent companion.


The survivor is a friendly, lively and very affectionate dog that quickly becomes attached to its family and acquaintances. This breed is always vigilant: it will bark as soon as it senses danger or senses a stranger. She gets along well with teenagers, dogs and even cats if she grew up with them. Vizsla loves to chew everything that catches her eye, so you shouldn’t throw things around in a house where there is such a dog. If the Vizsla gets bored, she will destroy the whole house, so don’t leave her alone for long.

Wool and care

Vizsla has two types of wool: short, smooth, thick and dense and hard, coarse, long, without gloss and shine. Those. there are long-haired and short-haired dogs of this breed. For the winter, the Hungarian Pointing Dog grows a warm undercoat and stubble on its hind legs, muzzle and ears. The color of the breed’s coat ranges from golden to brown. The molting of this breed is average. The wool of the Hungarian vizsla requires minimal maintenance. It is enough only to brush this dog occasionally with a stiff brush, occasionally using dry shampoo. The Vizsla should be washed only when necessary and only with mild soap. It is imperative to trim your dog’s nails frequently. This breed is healthy enough, but can suffer from hemophilia and hip dysplasia. Vizsla also does not tolerate cold very well.


Early socialization and earlier obedience training are essential for the Hungarian vizsla. The owner must show him who is the boss from the very first day of the puppy in the new house. The Hungarian Pointer is a quick learner and strives to please her coach in everything. Best of all, a variety of hunting disciplines and obedience are successful. Tough training methods can ruin such a dog, it needs a strict but fair mentor.


Vizsla is extremely active and requires heavy daily exercise. She needs a spacious fenced yard or long walks and runs on a leash with her owner. This breed also needs brain training when playing with its family. It is not recommended to start a Vizsla in a city apartment, because she needs an active pastime.

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