Weimaraner: Dog Breed Description

The Weimaraner is an ancient German breed with the skills of a retriever and a pointer. Weimaraner is used by police and rescuers for various types of work. This breed has an athletic build and is not oversized.


The Weimaraner is a versatile breed. He has a high level of intelligence and irrepressible energy; these qualities allow the Weim to achieve success in any field. This breed is friendly, attentive and always ready to provide a service. The Weimaraner is a muscular and very graceful dog that is an excellent companion and protector.


Weimaraner is smart, affectionate and positive, but can be very willful and stubborn. Dogs of this breed are always real personalities. Weimaraner is a passionate but reliable, loyal and brave dog. This is a real family member, requiring constant attention from the owners and does not tolerate loneliness. The Weim gets along well with other dogs, but not cats. It is not recommended to start this breed in a house where there are small children or elderly people, because the dog can easily knock them off their feet.

Wool and care

The Weimaraner has a fine, short, smooth coat that ranges in color from mouse gray to silver. Due to the characteristic sheen of the coat, this breed is often referred to as a silver spirit or gray ghost. Such a brilliant color is rare for dogs. This breed is easy to care for. It is sometimes necessary to comb the Weim with a stiff brush and bathe only if absolutely necessary, it is better to use dry shampoo instead of wet bathing. Always check your dog’s paws and mouth after exercise for damage. Weimaraners are prone to bloating, so it’s best to feed them small meals twice a day. He can also suffer from dysplasia, but, most often, this dog has good health.


The Weimaraner is very energetic and loves to learn, especially when praised or rewarded for completing a task correctly. This dog is very distrustful, so an overly strict teacher can discourage her from any desire to learn. The Weimaraner is able to show good results in all canine disciplines.


Weimaraner needs a lot of physical activity. He enjoys playing ball, traveling, hiking and hunting. This dog should have plenty of room to train and plenty of room to expend energy. If you do not direct the energy of the Weim in the right direction, he will direct it to destruction. This breed needs a spacious yard and an active owner.

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