Welsh Corgi Cardigan: Dog Breed Description

Welsh Corgi Cardigan, as its name suggests, was bred in Wales. The cardigan is considered the oldest corgi species. Welsh Corgis were created for hunting, house guarding and can act as a herding dog and companion dog.


The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a small hardy dog ​​with a fox face and a long body on short legs. This breed possesses both physical and mental flexibility, strength, endurance and high-speed qualities. The cardigan is detailed, reliable, loyal to its owner and very affectionate.


Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a person, he is smart, reasonable and courageous. This dog is endlessly devoted to his family and truly appreciates a good relationship with the owner. The cardigan does not like outsiders and actively protects his family and territory from any encroachment. This breed is perfect for families with teenagers who know how to handle animals. The Welsh Corgi gets along well with all pets, except for dogs of other breeds, with the latter it can behave aggressively. This dog needs care and attention, and it also needs to be controlled in case of collision with strangers, because attacking, the Corgi Cardigan can harm itself more than its opponent.

Wool and care

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan has a double coat: a tough, straight and waterproof topcoat and a soft, dense undercoat. On the neck, lower part of the tail, back and legs, the coat on the cardigan is longer than on other parts of the body. This breed has a lot of colors: sable, red, brindle, black, blue, merle, black and tan, black and brindle. There may also be white spots on the coat. The Corgi Cardigan sheds heavily once a year. This breed requires minimal maintenance. Sometimes it is enough to brush the cardigan’s coat with a brush with hard bristles. Brushing should become daily during shedding. You need to bathe your dog only in case of urgent need, using a mild shampoo. Welsh Corgi Cardigan is prone to glaucoma, cataracts, retinal atrophy and back problems.


The Welsh Corgi Cardigan needs early socialization, it is easy to learn, as it seeks to please the owner in everything. The smart Welsh Corgi can learn any dog ​​discipline and can perform the most difficult circus tricks. You need to train a cardigan in a special training enclosure. Welsh Corgi Cardigan can participate in psychological therapy, search and rescue of people.


This breed is very active and needs constant exercise and walking on a tight leash or in a fenced yard. If physical activity is sufficient for a cardigan, then he can live in a city apartment.

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