Welsh Corgi Puppies: Education, Care And Diet

Since childhood, each of us dreamed of a dog, a loyal friend who will always be there. Although if at that time the dream was not destined to come true, then having matured, we may well make it come true.

Moreover, if you already have your own children, then choosing a pet is a joy for everyone.

If you dream of a cheerful, frisky and kind dog, then the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed will be the best choice, and some recommendations on care and maintenance will only help you to take care of him with love in the future.

Welsh Corgi Puppies Education, Care And Diet

Where to buy

The best option for acquiring your new pet is buying it in a specialized nursery.

The main advantages will be high professionalism and good reputation, which the nursery managers value.

After all, this is a place where knowledge about breeding a dog breed is collected and focused on its high level.

Corgi puppies will be completely healthy not only physically, but also free from genetic diseases. If during the breeding process, there were any violations – later they can often suffer from various diseases, which will bring a lot of trouble and frustration.

Since a good reputation of the cattery is its business card, breeders will not save money on caring for animals.

Although the price for Pembroke dogs in kennels is somewhat more expensive than they can be found in private individuals, such a purchase is fully justified.

The advantages of buying corgi puppies in specialized kennels are:

  • getting a wide choice of Pembroke puppies from specific parents;
  • upon purchase, you receive all the necessary documents for the dog (veterinary passport, pedigree, and also conclude an agreement with the kennel itself, which gives you guarantees);
  • advice and assistance in the care and treatment after its purchase, the nursery also contributes to the purchase of the necessary feed from the manufacturer.
Welsh Corgi Puppies Education, Care And Diet

Pembroke puppy in the house

So, the choice is made, and now there is a new family member in your house. Just like all the kids, Welsh Corgi puppies are playful and eccentric and in the same way learn everything new.

Therefore, you should remove everything valuable and fragile from the area in which the pembroke will be located.

It will not be superfluous to take care of the flooring in the first months of the puppy’s life in the apartment.

If the puppy falls on a slippery surface while running, it can break its legs or injure its spine.

It is better to hide expensive carpets further, because at first an untrained baby can leave unpleasant wet spots on them.

Remember that he, like other puppies, will start to actively erupt teeth, and he will chew anything that gets in his way.

Cables, shoes, bags, even your socks will not disdain – these are the favorite “delicacies” of corgi puppies.

Of course, you know about this and buy him a lot of toys to make this period easier for the Pembroke.

But if you leave things dear to you in a place within reach of him, he will not miss the opportunity to chew on them too.

If you want the dog to follow certain rules of behavior, or to restrict the area of ​​its movement around the apartment, for example, if you do not like it when the dog sleeps in your bed, if you do not want to see wool in the children’s room.

Then it is necessary to accustom to this order from the first days of the appearance of a Pembroke puppy on the doorstep of your home.

Nutrition and diet

When buying a corgi cardigan puppy, a kennel breeder, be sure to give the following recommendations on the diet and feeding schedule of the Pembroke:

  • from 3 months, reduce the number of meals from 4-5 times to 3-4 times a day, at 6 months – up to 2-3 times. When your dog reaches a year, the daily feed rate will decrease to 1 time per day. During particularly hot periods of the year, the dog may not eat all day;
  • strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations for feeding, if you decide to buy food for your pet;
  • prevent overeating and make sure that there is no feeding between meals, obesity is unnecessary;
  • exclude from the diet foods containing sugar, spices or those that contain a lot of salt in their composition;
  • monitor the constant availability of fresh drinking water.

Breeding dogs in a kennel minimizes the incidence of allergies, thanks to proper care and nutrition.

Therefore, if a similar problem arises, you should pay attention to what the dog could have eaten (products containing dyes, preservatives or other food additives).

Welsh Corgi Puppies Education, Care And Diet


Although the corgi’s coat is relatively light and fluffy, it does not require much attention. Like all dogs, the coat needs to be brushed several times a week and it is necessary to teach this process from a very young age.

When the period of active shedding begins, the dog should be brushed much more often, at least once a day, in order to avoid the rash of fur all over the house.

Intensive brushing will speed up fur renewal.

Bathing your dog is often not recommended. Since wool, covered with a thin natural layer of fat, has a warming function, frequent bathing will interfere with its rapid recovery.

In this case, during the cold seasons, your puppy may freeze, which will subsequently lead to unwanted diseases.

Corgi puppies often need to clean their ears, as it is at an early age that they become especially dirty. With age, this procedure will become more rare.

When cleaning, you can use traditional cotton swabs or modern hygiene products for your puppy’s ears.

If your puppy’s ears are often dirty and with an unpleasant odor, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Do not disregard your pet’s paws either. Constantly trim its claws and cut the hair between the toes.

Welsh Corgi Puppies Education, Care And Diet

Pleasant walks together

Walking with a Pembroke puppy should be started after all the necessary vaccinations. When the quarantine period is over, feel free to go for walks that he really needs.

Help corgi puppies walking in the open space to form a strong physical shape and keep an even body.

Start with a short acquaintance with nature, and then gradually increase the time spent in nature. From 8 months old, you can start training the Corgi puppy. Loads must be added gradually!

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