Welsh Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Welsh Terrier is a very friendly, intelligent, energetic, and sociable creature, a wonderful companion. This breed is not as energetic as most terriers, but it is quite cheerful and positive.


hey are small dogs with a strong build and short, stiff, curly hair. The limbs are medium, proportional, the ears are triangular, folded, there is a small “mustache” on the face. The tail is short. The color is black and red.

The Welsh Terrier has a good sense of humor, and therefore is loved by children. However, the child must know how to handle such an active dog to avoid trouble. The long legs of the Welshie allow him to jump and jump very funny, which usually amuses his owners and their friends very much.


An intelligent and unfriendly Welsh Terrier strives to please everyone and everyone, and is very successful in this. He gets along well with children (if they don’t bother him) and with other pets. This breed must be socialized at an early age.

Wool and care

The Welsh Terrier has a very short, dense, coarse coat that resembles the coat of an Airedale. The coat should always be close to the body of the terrier and be sufficiently thick. The Welshie needs regular (weekly) grooming, with particular attention to the beard. Also, the dog needs to be bathed regularly or at least wiped with a damp cloth.


An energetic Welsh Terrier must constantly train and train. It is necessary to act kindly, but firmly, and most importantly – to be consistent in training. With the proper training regimen, the Welshie becomes submissive and dexterous and wears a dipper with great pleasure.


The Welsh Terrier is a very energetic breed. He loves to run after a ball, so a small fenced yard is ideal for him, but in a spacious apartment this terrier will feel quite comfortable.

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