Whippet: Dog Breed Description

The Whippet is a cheerful but very sensitive dog. If this dog is not socialized early, he will grow up too shy. Whippet does not communicate well with small pets, but gets along well with other dogs. Dogs of this breed run very fast (because it is a greyhound dog) and therefore must not be let off the leash.


This is a quite energetic, but prone to shyness dog . He loves sporting events and usually excels at them. However, the whippet is very delicate and may not withstand too much stress. This is a companion dog, so you shouldn’t keep him in a kennel. He has good sports data, the most successful for a whippet is sprinting.


Whippet is very sweet and obedient, but too energetic. He will get along well with the child if the latter knows how to handle the dog. This dog is quite independent, but at the same time it is well trained. However, a consistent and varied training is required from the trainer. This dog is a very sensitive breed, so you need to handle it carefully and carefully.

Wool and care

The whippet’s coat is very short, smooth, soft and dense. This coat is not designed for cold climates, and therefore the dog needs additional insulation. His wool does not need special care, only in time for a fairly moderate shedding it must be carefully combed out. You need to bathe this dog no more than once every six months, since its coat has water and dirt-repellent properties.


Whippet works great with skillful and benevolent trainers; he is obedient and efficient. To keep an intelligent and independent dog from losing interest in training, activities should be fun and varied. As mentioned above, this dog is very fond of running, so it will gladly take part in any running competition or exercise.


The whippet should run regularly in the park or yard. However, if the yard is not fenced off, the owner will have to run with him, since this dog released from a leash can chase a small animal and cripple or even eat it.

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