Wire Fox Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Wire Fox Terrier has long been used for a wide variety of hunting activities, but most often for hunting foxes in England. He drove the fox out of her burrow, bit and grabbed her. On occasion, the Wire Fox Terrier can be used with great success for hunting various rodents. Dogs of this breed excel in many other disciplines: all types of hunting, hunting game, bell dog, agility – in all this the Wire Fox Terrier is at an absolute height, as well as in performing all kinds of cunning tricks, for which he is especially known.


Like all terriers, the Wirehaired terrier is a very lively and energetic creature that gets joy simply from the very fact of its existence. Therefore, the Wire Fox Terrier enlivens its surroundings with its mere presence. He has a significant sense of humor and is an excellent companion; but since these dogs are wary of strangers, they definitely need to go through the appropriate socialization. The Wire Fox Terrier has a very funny, loving and energetic personality, making it an extremely popular family dog. However, before acquiring one, the potential owner should once again weigh his options in order to make sure that he can fully meet all the needs of this extremely lively and energetic breed.


The Wire Fox Terrier is very friendly and attentive by nature. But, despite all his attentiveness, the Wirehaired terrier is unlikely to make a good guard dog. The Wire Fox Terrier gets along well with children, but if the children are too young, then it is better not to leave him alone with them: dogs of this breed can bite if they are hurt or too bored. The Fox Terrier, on the other hand, is not very fond of other pets and should not be left alone with smaller and more passive pets. In order for your pet not to show aggression or cockiness towards other dogs, as is often the case with terriers, it is imperative to take a course of appropriate socialization with it.

Wool and care

The Wire Fox Terrier has a stiff, slightly wiry coat that gives this dog a slightly shaggy appearance. The hairs are tightly twisted and always longer on the face, forming a peculiar beard characteristic of this breed. The coat should never be soft or silky to the touch, but, on the contrary, should always be rough and wiry. The most remarkable detail in the Wire Fox Terrier’s appearance is the beard already mentioned and therefore requires special attention and care. As a rule, a dog of this breed needs not only professional grooming, but also cleaning with a regular brush. If you have a show dog, then it requires professional intervention much more often. To remove dead hair, the services of a professional trimmer are required. The longer hair that forms a beard around the dog’s face should be brushed and combed out with a fine comb at least every other day to keep it neat and prevent frizzy hair. It is also recommended to wash your beard using regular soap.


The Wire Fox Terrier has a very lively character and can be independent, which makes training extremely important from a very early age. Note that the Wirehaired terrier quickly loses interest, which means that persistent and consistent practice is required. To keep your dog interested, try to make the learning process playful and fun. The Wire Fox Terrier needs an experienced trainer as this breed can be extremely stubborn and uncooperative. If you do not use the necessary methods in training, it can be extremely difficult, and your pet will turn from a pet into a tyrant.


The Wire Fox Terrier is very fond of all kinds of outdoor games and in general it is an extremely active dog. In principle, he can be kept in an apartment, but since he has too much energy, it would be very good for the Wirehaired terrier to have a yard, at least small in size. Dogs of this breed can often be seen running alongside their owner while jogging or cycling. If you let the Wire Fox Terrier, go freely out into the yard, make sure it doesn’t dig into the fence. It is necessary to periodically strengthen the fence, and its height should be at least two meters.

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