Yorkshire Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful lap dog that can easily sit on the owner’s lap all day long. Yorkie quickly becomes attached to its owner. He is a real companion dog, which is not alien to cute pranks.

This is one of the most popular indoor and decorative dog breeds in the world. Yorkie is charming in appearance, energetic, affectionate and is an excellent companion.


This is a brave, intelligent and very lively dog. She completely focuses on her owner and treats him with real affection. Yorkie requires constant attention to his person and needs a friendly, almost human relationship.


The Yorkshire Terrier is tied to its territory and demands respect for its personal space. Yorkies get along well with caring teens and pets. Moreover, they are quite independent and stubborn.

Wool and care

The Yorkshire Terrier has a fine silky coat. Unlike other breeds, Yorkies do not have fur, but hair that grows constantly. Therefore, the Yorkshire Terrier does not shed and does not have an undercoat. Yorkie’s wool requires constant and daily grooming. It is also necessary to clean the dog’s ears, eyes and teeth daily. Long hair on a Yorkie’s head is usually secured with a bandage or bow. However, if the dog does not participate in exhibitions and shows, it can be cut short.


Yorkie is quick to learn, but can show character during training, which greatly complicates training. The coach must be strict and consistent in his actions, but at the same time, do not forget about praise. Yorkies love to be praised.


Yorkshire Terriers do not need active owners. They prefer short walks and adapt well to life in a city apartment or small house with a courtyard. Yorkies love to chase the shadows, tug-of-war and just bask in the sun. The more attention you give this dog, the better.

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